Abuse from a Different Angle

Growing up as a child, I never imagined that I would ever know anyone that has been abused. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I used to think that abuse was only physical. I never saw anyone with suspicious bruises or broken bones, so for me that meant that their relationships with their significant others, family members, and their friends were just fine. However, sometimes that is not the case.

Weight Watchers Has Inspired Me

I recently have gotten extremely inspired to lose weight. I love looking on Pinterest and talking with my friends and family about losing weight and to hear how far they have come and still are coming is awesome to me. Not to mention, I have two people in my family (not including myself) and a friend that are all doing the same program as me - weight watchers!

4 Things you Must Bring on Your Savannah Vacation

As  you may already know, I am currently a college student in my sophomore year of school. For Spring break some of my family decided to go on a trip to Savannah, Georgia. I was not very excited to go to Savannah because I had never really heard anything about it. I thought the beach … Continue reading 4 Things you Must Bring on Your Savannah Vacation

We are All on Earth Together

It's crazy to me that some people do not think that us humans are equal. Honestly, us and everything on the Earth is equal in some way. We are all in this together. We all appeared on this Earth for a reason, whether you believe that it is scientific or religious. We are alive because of the Sun as well as the food that nourishes our bodies and keeps us moving. Life is so much bigger than worrying what other people think about you. It's so much bigger than disliking someone because of the stereotypes you've heard about their gender, education, or skin color. We are all in this together, it does not make much sense to me that we constantly have to fight with one another.

My Uncomfortable 12 Month Journey – Part 1

My boyfriend and I went hiking like I had never been before on January 2, 2018. Honestly, I really did not ever want to do the type of hiking that we did. We had been driving around the mountains for a lot of the day inside the National Park, and my boyfriend had been itching to get out and go do something. Alright so-- the active part of me said, "yeah, let's go do something outdoors even though its like 40 degrees out" and the lazy part of me said, "why don't we just drive around and look at the pretty sites. I like just sitting down and relaxing". Well, it was our last full day in town and it probably was a good idea that it wasn't wasted.

My Favorite Infused Water Recipe

As you may already know, one of the things that I gave up for Lent is soda. Although I don't really drink very much soda anymore, in the last couple months I have been reaching for a can of soda more than I have been for the glass of water. Of course, I am trying to nip that habit in the bud as quick as possible. That's why I have decided to use this recipe to flavor my water.