My Uncomfortable 12 Month Journey – Intro

This year I have decided to challenge myself in more ways than one. Around December of 2017 I had a crazy idea. I would do something that was out of my ‘norm’ in 2018. Then, I had a crazier idea: I would do 12 things that made me uneasy throughout the course of the year. In fact, it comes out to one un-comfy task a month.

I have decided to take this journey for myself. It’s not often that I try new things. In fact, it’s extremely rare. If there is something that I do not really want to do, I just simply do not do it. If there is not a benefit to me or anyone else, there really is not a reason to try it.

However, this year I would like to venture out and see what I am missing from the world. Remember, everyone’s comfortable tolerance is different so if something in my journey to discover new things does not make you cringe or exactly blow your mind, that’s okay. This is my journey, and I am documenting it to show others that it is okay to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. The things that I get nervous about doing may actually suit other people very well in their every day lives. Just as well, not everything that I will be doing during this 12 months will be something that I am nervous about.

Some will be things that I have always wanted to do, but I did not have the resources or I just never got time as well as it required me to leave my comfortable lifestyle. For example, sure I would like to learn to surf, but I don’t have a beach nearby me and if I go to the beach once every 2 years, I would rather lay out on the sand relaxing than have to worry about having everyone see me fall off the board 100 times in one session.

Of course however, things change. This is the year I stop caring about what other people think, and over come my fears of looking dumb. I was not put on Earth to impress anybody.  I was put here to live my life and enjoy it. No matter if I’m scared, or I don’t want to eat something, or other people laugh, it does not matter to me I’m going to do it. I am hoping that this one year experiment turns into a lifetime experiment. Each year, my uneasy tasks getting bigger and broader and hopefully someday my children will be able to look back at this blog and decide to take on a journey like this themselves.

I would like to remind everyone that I am 19 years old right now, and even if my journeys do not take me far physically yet, I am starting small and will be broadening my horizons with each and every task. Not everything I will do will involve money. Hopefully, the ones that do will not require a bunch of it. I want to show that anyone can do this type of thing, even a broke college student, so an everyday person can too. No matter their age, gender, societal status, etc. Again, even if you think that you do not have enough money/resources to do the things that I am going to do, do not let that stop you. We aren’t made to be carbon copies of one another, and our task should range a bunch because this whole experiment is a test of our comfort levels.

I hope that these series of blogs inspires at least one other person to live their life as their only one. If we keep waiting around to do something courageous, we could die before we ever get the feeling of accomplishment and the great feeling of knowing that you did what you could to make your life what you wanted. Don’t wait until tomorrow, do this today and every day.

* My Uncomfortable 12 Month Journey: Part 1 will be posted by the end of February. It will be my January task.

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