We are All on Earth Together

It’s crazy to me that some people do not think that us humans are equal. Honestly, us and everything on the Earth is equal in some way. We are all in this together. We all appeared on this Earth for a reason, whether you believe that it is scientific or religious. We are alive because of the Sun as well as the food that nourishes our bodies and keeps us moving. Life is so much bigger than worrying what other people think about you. It’s so much bigger than disliking someone because of the stereotypes you’ve heard about their gender, education, or skin color. We are all in this together, it does not make much sense to me that we constantly have to fight with one another.

For instance, wouldn’t it be great if there were no wars? I know that is impossible, but really most wars happen because of territory issues. In my opinion, everybody on this Earth deserves to see as much or as little as they please. It’s their Earth too! That is why I find it funny that some people aren’t aloud in certain countries just because of their country of origin. None of us chose to be born where or when we ultimately did. Of course, I am talking about those who mean no harm to others. I am not saying that we should let dangerous people in anywhere they want. They should in fact be imprisoned, but unfortunately we can’t always know which people are the bad people. This actually proves my first point. If these people that do terrible things understood the fact that we all need each other to survive, and that we are all here together for a reason then maybe there wouldn’t be so much conflict in the world.

Something else that is a big issue today is animal cruelty. I honestly do not understand why its so hard for other people to understand that animals were ‘put’ here the same as us! When a person sees an animal whether it be a dog, fish, or elephant a that person should look at it with the same respect that they should look at another human being with. I know that I do. However, I have seen too many people take advantage of their power as a human hear on Earth. Whether it’s because they use animals to breed for their own advantage, kicking them, fighting them, not feeding them, or even just getting them for ‘protection’ by teaching them harmful commands. Those are all signs that their owner thinks that the human race is so much better than them. News flash, just because an animal cannot communicate by speaking, that does not mean that they are any less on this planet than we as human beings are.

Here is my proposal for change: teach this in school. Yes, as a child in history you learn about wars, slavery, poverty and other important things in between; and yes those are crucial topics to discuss and should be at length. Just as well, if we could also talk more about life of Earth from a broader perspective in science, I think it would be beneficial and we would see somewhat of a change in the world. If we were taught as young children that we all fit into this big puzzle called Earth and we are all equally deserving of everything on it, maybe we could reshape the children’s perspective from now on.

I am not saying that our teachers do not try and teach this type of thing already, I am just saying we could use more information. I remember in school learning about the food chain. It clearly shows that we need others to survive. However, I also remember that lesson being about two weeks long in my fourth grade class and we cut and pasted the animals onto construction paper. It was not much of a lesson. I am not blaming anyone, I am just suggesting a change. Teach students how crazy it is that we are so little on this giant Earth. That somehow out of the dust (depending on your view of evolution) Earth was formed and through a lot of time and multiple chemical reactions, life was formed.  I do not think that children realize that humans have not always been around. I digress, that is not the point.

The point is that when we think someone is better than us, we need to realize that they are the same as us. We are all genetically related to each other. We all share cells and bodily functions. We should have better things to be worried about than what brand of shoes we are wearing or what gender each other falls in love with. We need to come together and worry about each other and all of the organisms on this Earth. We are only one piece in this big, big world. A person does not have to be famous, rich, or good-looking to be a person that can help change the world by being kind to it.

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