4 Things you Must Bring on Your Savannah Vacation

As  you may already know, I am currently a college student in my sophomore year of school. For Spring break some of my family decided to go on a trip to Savannah, Georgia. I was not very excited to go to Savannah because I had never really heard anything about it. I thought the beach would be great, but I was told it would be too cold to swim or lay out. Excited to go on vacation, but skeptical on the location, we headed out the morning of March 14th. Much to my surprise, it would be one of my favorite vacation destinations to date.

Like I mentioned, I didn’t exactly know what there was to do in Georgia. I didn’t research it and didn’t really ask. I was just thankful for a vacation. What I found when I got there was there were a few things I could have packed before I went on my trip. Here they are listed for you so you will be sure to be prepared.

1) Good Walking Shoes

Whether you decide on a walking tour of the beautiful city or a stroll down the historic river street, walking shoes are a must. I cannot stress this enough considering I decided to wear heeled booties and ended up feeling like my feet were going to fall off after my haunted Savannah ghost tour. Not to mention, the morning after was my river street experience and I absentmindedly wore flip flops to that four hour adventure.

2) Your I.D.

River Street in Savannah is a hub for day and night drinking, so be sure to pack some identification so you can enjoy the party with everyone else! Did I mention that people are aloud to carry their alcohol around the city as long as it is in a certain size of plastic cup?

3) A historical book about Savannah.

I certainly wish I would have known to read at least one book about Savannah before I went. On each tour that I went on, the tour guide mentioned at least one book that would have gave me foreground on the certain tour. There are so many books to choose from. The town prides itself for being “the city built on its dead”, so a good book about the haunting things that happened in Savannah is my recommendation. However, there are also books strictly about the history the city.

4) A map

You will need to acquire a map of the area. A GPS will work too, but make sure you pack your charger. A lot of the roads around historic Savannah are one way so they can be a little tough to navigate. I recommend a map or GPS so you arrive to your destinations on time.

Savannah is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been. This is just my first blog, but there will be many more about Georgia including a lot of pictures!! The mossy trees, the historic cobblestone roads, and the stretch of houses along the Victorian district are just the start of this city’s beauty. I recommend you go at least once in your life, but I can almost guarantee you will decide to make the trip many times over.


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