Weight Watchers Has Inspired Me

I recently have gotten extremely inspired to lose weight. I love looking on Pinterest and talking with my friends and family about losing weight and to hear how far they have come and still are coming is awesome to me. Not to mention, I have two people in my family (not including myself) and a friend that are all doing the same program as me – weight watchers!

Weight watchers is something that I have known about for a long time, but I have never thought that I needed it. However, I have recently changed my mind. I am in the ‘overweight’ bracket for my height and that is not something that I am comfortable with. Not to mention, some of the clothes that I used to wear just a couple of years ago feel like they are going to burst at the seam when I try them on.

Since I have joined weight watchers I have lost 4 pounds! You may not think that is a lot, but it is to me. I have only been on it for a few weeks and it is really inspiring me to keep at it and work harder. After all, this is the longest that I have stuck to a diet plan… ever! It is sooo easy to track your points and it makes you think twice about everything you’re going to eat.

If you’re wondering if I go to meetings and all that, I don’t. I actually do all of my tracking online on the app. I do pretty well when it comes to self-control if I really want something. My goal is to lose between 20-25 pounds more than I have so far. I would like to lose it before summer is over, but I will take what I can get. I will say however, that I am more focused on losing inches in my waist than I am losing actual weight. The reason being that I would like to have toned muscles, and those will affect my weight.

I am extremely excited to document this journey that I have been on for about 2 weeks now with other people. I hope that it will inspire others to give Weight Watchers a try! I honestly did not expect these results so quickly, and I understand that it may not be as quick or quicker for others, but I am pleasantly surprised and excited to see what I look like in a couple of months!


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