Monthly Goal Calendar

On this page I am keeping track of my goals! Every month, I will have specific goals in mind. Sometimes they will be new for the month, and sometimes they may be recycled from previous months. The goals will be labeled for each calendar so that they are understandable.

At the end of the month, my calendar will go into a blog that will review my results from that month. In that post, I will go over any struggles or triumphs that I may have faced.

Here in March, my goal is as follows:

  • Workout 3x a week – Dumbell
  • Drink at least 3.5 refilled bottles out of a 23.7 FL oz. water bottle a day – Glass of water
  • Make one new recipe a week – Carrot/Onion


My goals for this month, and a small bit of April, reflect my choices for Lent. Read my challenge for Lent 2018 here. In addition to giving up sweets, I have also chosen to give myself more of a challenge and an edge in order to lose weight. I decided to add the  water and exercise because of that reason. I chose to make a new recipe every week because I think that it is way too easy to get yourself caught in a cycle of making just 3 to 4 meals on repeat. Plus, learning a new recipe to me feels like I am preparing myself for the rest of my adult life. Furthermore, if this seems like a flashback to my February goals, you’re correct. I only changed my water intake as well as no lemon. I liked drinking lemon water and I think that it may have prevented me from getting the flu, however it was a lot of work to cut up the lemons every morning. Okay, it wasn’t thatttt hard… but I got tired of doing it.